Markus Spengler

Technology Consulting

Projects and references

A brief selection of projects:

  • Treatment of surface water to generate product water for CSD production1
  • Development of a multi stage water treatment process to reuse wastewater from industrial laundries1
  • Removal of viruses and bacteria from drinking water by using membrane filtration2
  • Removal of fluoride from well water in Africa, solar driven Reverse Osmosis2
  • Sea water desalination using reverse osmosis, exclusively powered by wind turbins2
  • Design of mobile drinking water systems according an “operat anywhere concept” (drinking water production out of any water source)2
  • Process and System Design to treat leachate from a contaminated site (former phosphoric acid production site)2
  • Process and System Design for the cosmetic industry to reclaim waste water2
  • Standardisation of water treatment systems by using membrane filtration as a core technology
  • Optimisation of the sea water desalination treatment by using membrane filtration and reverse osmosis
  • Development of a solid media filter to clean mercury contaminated exhaust air under consideration of social and ecological environment of Barzilian gold mining areas.3


1 during my employment at Triton Water AG
2 during my employment at Pall Corporation
3 diploma thesis